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Top 10 signs you need a spyware checkup:
  • You receive constant popups while on the internet
  • Your computer is running much slower than it once did
  • Google and/or Yahoo searches return only ads
  • You cannot set your homepage or it keeps changing
  • Sites add themselves to your favorites
  • You receive popups while not on the internet
  • Your computer mysteriously dials the internet for no known reason
  • Your "search" page on your browser has changed without your permission
  • Your hard drive is constantly Blinking and the computer constantly "clicks"
  • Your computer takes 5 minutes or longer to start up
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          Hello, my name is Joe Love. I own and operate Joe's Computer Service. I've been repairing computers, installing networks, and creating websites for over a decade.

          Recently, I've noticed that more and more small business and home PC users are needlessly replacing their computers. The main complaint I hear is that the computer is slow, crashing often, or has lots of pop-up-ads or other annoyances. I've seen many people buy a new PC, only to have their new computer stop working properly within a few weeks.

          What most people don't realize is that their PC is not worn-out, broken, or even too old. The vast majority of the time, their PC is infected with hundreds or thousands of viruses and/or spyware programs. Even worse,most new PC's and internet services come with software that says it will block viruses and spyware, so most people assume they're safe. The problem is that all this protective software (and windows itsself) has to be updated reguarly to protect from new threats that appear from time to time. Additionally, most name-brand PCs and software, include unnecessary programs that launch when you start your PC. Although this software sometimes speeds up one program, it constantly uses system resources that cause your PC to run slower. As you install more and more software, your computer gets slower and slower from all the startup programs that get loaded. Most of these startup items can be safely removed, giving your computer a boost in speed, without effecting any of your software. This is why most people mistakenly think that "too much software" slows down your computer. Most modern computers can hold literally thousands of programs without any slowdown whatsoever.

          This is why you need Joe's Computer Service. We will come to your business or home, and run programs to remove viruses and spyware, and block new threats. We also remove unnecessary start up programs, and run standard mantainance such as scan-disk and defrag. We check your system settings and make sure that everything is set to run optimally. We charge a flat rate of $99 for this service, and we guarantee your PC will not be slowed by viruses or spyware for 90 days, or we'll fix the problem at no charge. When we're done, you'll think you have just bought a new computer.

          At Joe's Computer Service, we want your repeat business and we want your referrals. You can be assured that we're not satisfied, until you are. Call us at 405-227-0951 to schedule your $99 tune-up today.
    Using an antispyware download from PeratoLogic will keep your computer safe.

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